The Rudder Brothers

In their first album, Country Goes Flying, Robbie and LeeRoy lay down ten tracks of original aviation tunes. This album can be purchased on CD for US $10 or on cassette for US $6 (shipping included). To order, send an email to

The samples here are in .WAV and .MP3 format. The Mp3's are smaller and take less time to download, but require a player, such as WinAmp or the Windows Media Player.

Track List
1. Approach (all) Mp3 (1.4 MB) | Wav (16.2 MB)
2. Three Miles High
3. DC3 (sample) Mp3 (1.2 MB) | Wav (13.2 MB)
4. She Sets Me Free
5. Relative Wind (live version)
6. Airplane
7. Don't Look Down
8. Silver Bird (sample) Mp3 (1.3 MB) | Wav (15.2 MB)
9. For Sale (sample) Mp3 (0.9 MB) | Wav (10.9 MB)
10. Departure (all) Mp3 (3.0 MB) | Wav (33.0 MB)